IAH & ACS are two major causes of multi-organ failure and death

In the ICU, Intra-Abdominal Pressure (IAP) measurements are used to identify trends in IAP and detect a patient’s risk of developing IAH and ACS.

Yet only 31% of physicians routinely measure IAP1 because today’s techniques are inefficient, operator dependent, and limited by time intervals, frequently yielding unreliable results.

As a result, IAH and ACS are often undiagnosed and untreated.

IAP is the 6th vital sign. Are you monitoring it?

The TraumaGuard System sees what you can't. To detect elevated IAP, you need to measure it.

3 in 5 ICU patients

experience elevations in IAP.2


expense added onto the ICU patient treatment cost for ACS management.3

88% mortality rate

if a patient progresses to ACS and is left untreated.4

Guard your patients against IAH & ACS

The TraumaGuard System delivers next-generation critical care monitoring that enhances preventative care with early detection. By capturing real-time, accurate, and continuous IAP measurements, the TraumaGuard System can detect elevations in IAP before it escalates to IAH or ACS.


Detects elevations in IAP and emits proactive alerts [at your patient’s bedside and the nurses’ station]


Accurately measures IAP - within +/- 3mmHg - in a supine or elevated position.


Automatically records and stores measurements in EMR system.

The TraumaGuard System is the first device to become the standard of care for IAP measurement.

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